Being a Small Business Owner might just be…

One of the Toughest Jobs in America

Woman making plans to start a new small businessYou have an idea for a business. You develop a plan and open the door. You might be making a product to sell or providing a service. You are the expert and you know what do do and how to do it. You are successful and the business grows so that you need help to continue making more product or providing service to more customers.

Now What? You have become a small business owner who is also an employer and now everything changes and the problems begin.

Now you need help in an area that you are no longer the expert in. You have questions like; who do you hire and what is the right process to hire staff, how much should you pay them, what benefits should you provide to them, what do you do if someone gets hurt on the job, and what rules must you setup for the workplace.

Then there are two more big questions…

  • How do you get employees to do what needs to get done?
  • What do you do when you hire the wrong person and need to let them go?

Let me help you get the “Fun Back Into Your Business” before it is too late!

Woman opening her new restaurant smilingWith over Three Decades of Human Resources Experience I can help any Small Business Owner overcome the problems and struggles with staffing and employee issues that your company will experience. Contact Bruce Tyler today at: 763-263-2655


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